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adventures with apiarists

Burr comb is ugly.  Normal comb hangs in uniform sheets, 7-8 per super, and exudes the precision one would expect from a honeybee.  Segmented into uniform, bee-sized hexagons, built up with wax produced by the bees themselves, the comb holds … Continue reading

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cooking safely (at a $152 discount)

“Hobbies, not jobbies” began to manifest the summer after high school–I’d discovered lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid.  With a taste for picking up specialty skills and liking it,  I’d begun hunting for more certifications and found that the local community … Continue reading

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hunting in cove 2: it’s not about law; it’s about community

I started my morning mindlessly perusing Facebook and sipping a cup of bad coffee. Then I stopped on an image that confused me.  It was a diver at Cove 2, recognizable by the gravel beach and seawall–and he was holding … Continue reading

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why you should adventure in the world of houseplants

Those of us who work in office buildings are hermetically sealed in.  It’s a fact not thought about; that’s why we have HVAC.  After the OPEC crisis of ’73 and the ensuing push for energy efficiency, American businesses and homes … Continue reading

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