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it’s why we do it

“I’m a little nervous about this one,” says Lance as we push the the raft off the bank. Yeah, me too, I tell him.  Downstream was the horizon line to Boulder Drop–a class IV/V rapid on the Skykomish River.  A … Continue reading

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fall enchantments overnight: the season ain’t over!

A steep-at-times 8-mile hike located 2.5 hours from Seattle, The Enchantments trail is still notoriously popular in the fall—but don’t let the cars of dayhikers discourage your overnight plans. If the weather is clear and you’ve got the gear, have … Continue reading

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peshastin creek pounding

Neils is a better boater than I am.  This is obvious, but as he yanks on the front of my inflatable kayak, turns away from shore, and strokes into the current, I try to remind myself that his being exceptional … Continue reading

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biting off more than you can chew

it looks like this:

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jummy buffet sucks

Jimmy Buffet sucks.   Festooned with palm trees, Hawaiian print shirts, and a token plastic Marlin somewhere in the background, his whole legacy feels like a Caribbean theme party sponsored by a church basement.  I’m sure that when it started, … Continue reading

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adventures with apiarists

Burr comb is ugly.  Normal comb hangs in uniform sheets, 7-8 per super, and exudes the precision one would expect from a honeybee.  Segmented into uniform, bee-sized hexagons, built up with wax produced by the bees themselves, the comb holds … Continue reading

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hey, river guide.

They refer to the rapid as the “S-bends”, the largest of the three relatively benign rapids on the slow-moving Skagit River.  Snaking left and right, then repeating, it resembles a skier’s line in fresh powder, a fairly simple line that … Continue reading

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a hobbies not jobbies birthday

After being completely hoodwinked with a proposed double-date night of Skillet and bowling, I unwittingly stumbled into a surprise party my friends had thrown for me at The Garage.  It took me recognizing four faces to figure out what was … Continue reading

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cooking safely (at a $152 discount)

“Hobbies, not jobbies” began to manifest the summer after high school–I’d discovered lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid.  With a taste for picking up specialty skills and liking it,  I’d begun hunting for more certifications and found that the local community … Continue reading

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the moth story slam: the Fremont abbey

My dreams have come true. Long espousing hatred of standard radio (with the exception of KEXP and NPR, of course) and a lover of thought-provoking audio, I maintain that the podcast has stripped the boredom out of the most tedious … Continue reading

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