floating the skagit

For Rod’s (the previous owner) of Wildwater River Tours (now Wildwater River Guides) last run, a group of guides, past and present (his time with the company spans 30 years) came out to paddle with him for the last time.  Known more for its beauty than its whitewater (though there are a few fun rapids), the Skagit at this time of year boasts an robust eagle population that draws aficionados out to catch a look at the numerous nesting pairs along the river.  Tucker, Neils, Ashley, and I were happy to participate in Rod’s final float.  I was most excited for the whitewater (and my new drysuit).  Below is the extend of the frothy stuff; they can’t all be white-knuckle videos.

An eager eagle watcher?  WRG runs trips from the end of November through January; it’s a great chance to see some of the coolest animals in the area up close.  Dress warmly!

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